Appropriate for factory, warehouse, fabricated factories/warehouses construction.


PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) are fabricated buildings that are designed on concepts of engineering principles that can absorb force at points of stress on the building.  As of today, the technology of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) is the cheapest, and another special attribute is that it saves twice the construction time.  By utilizing the BOLT SYSTEM, buildings can be assembled and dissembled for transportation.  Materials can be used to build factories, warehouses, fabricated factories/warehouses and whatever specific usage as required.

Jettarin Engineering Co. Ltd., design our projects on the latest standards and principles of engineering.  Some of the standards we follow are: MBMA 2010, ASCE 2005, AISC 2005, IBC 2012, AISI 2001, AWS 2008, ASTM 2006

Jettarin Engineering provides services in construction of factories and warehouses, fabricated structures: factories, warehouses, parking lot shades and labor camp. 

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 PEB (Pre-Engineered Building)

Strong and Durable

Designed on engineering principles by experienced engineers.  

Strong Fastening

Building joints are fastened by machined bolts with high tensile strength. 

Saves time, cost effective on investment

Installation with ease utilizing the Bolt System, and saves twice the time required. 


Designed on actual tension required, thus resulting in economical price with quality delivered. 


Characteristics of PEB (Pre-Engineered Building)


PEB is suitable for:

Diverse types of industrial factories, warehouse for goods, distribution centers, markets, fitness centers, indoor sports stadiums, airplane hangar, refrigeration center, product display center, waste separation center, etc.       


Design and Engineering

All projects are professional designed by engineers with more than a decade of experience, and designed on engineering principles.  We use state of the art computer programs to assist in the design to answer the needs of the client. 


Examples of Installation of Pre Engineering Buildings by Jettarin Engineering.