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รับสร้างโกดัง รับสร้างโกดังสำเร็จรูป ทั่วประเทศ ด้วยเทคนิคการผลิต
และ วัสดุที่ทันสมัยที่สุดของ RANBUILD

Randbuild is the leader in fabricated structures in compliance with the NS BlueSCOPE standards from Australia. With our extensive years of experience we can ensure professional services. We offer before and after sales servies. We design, manufacture a diverse range of steel buildings and utilization according to our client’s specifications and needs. With our technical manufacturing expertise and using the latest state of the art technology that is extremely affordable (Thai price). We stand out in three aspects:



Answering all inquiries before commencing construction, utilizing the RANBUILD Design System: RDS

RANBUILD’s design system enables us to calculate the topography of where the factory is going to be constructed.  Selection of color and feasibility in construction and expansion in the future.  Calculating the optimal location for door, window, ventilation ducts, and skylights – ensuring the client gets a clear overview before commencing construction. 

Cost Management; Ensuring that Expenses are within Budget

Customers will be able to see the steps in designing from start to finish with the intelligent computer program RDS, enabling the client to manage the budget accordingly.

On Time Project Delivery

While waiting for the concrete to dry, our team will immediately begin assembling the steel structures.  Due to everything is fabricated and prepared ahead of time, the construction will be a simple task and completed quickly.  Even in instances where labor camps are required, that too is a simple task.  We offer complete services to our client’s needs. 

What makes fabricated steel structures of RANBUILD more cost-effective?

RANBUILD is not only unique in its structure, but it has the flexibility to be made according to the client’s specifications.  Furthermore, it has undergone extensive engineering processes, to ensure that it can undergo stress and structure integrity.  The special attributes of RANBUILD’s steel structures are accordingly:

  • Speed in Constructing and Installing Assemble with ease with Knock Downs, no need for welding or cutting during installation. 

  • Strong and Durable Steel Doors and Windows of RANBUILD are strong and durable, thus enabling additional structures, widows, and multiple sizes of doors, any place and anywhere needed.

  • Economical, Commercial, and No Waste Long usage life.  Galvanized columns, bolts, nuts, rings, shims; extending usage life.

  • Fastened securely…Definitely RANBUILD’s threaded bolts are manufactured from strong tensile strength steel.  Thus, ensuring secured fastening of structure during strong weather. 

  • Variety of Colors RANBUILD has a variety of colors to choose for roofs, walls, and edges.  Utilizing color technology from NS BLUESCOPE, there’s a 30-year warranty (accordance to characteristic, environment and utilization).